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Supernatural Leadership Institute is the breeding ground of Kingdom Giants who are equipped, positioned and empowered to lead in the seven mountains of influence.

Welcome to
Leadership Institute

By combining robust academic instruction, experiential learning, and a strong spiritual foundation, the Supernatural Leadership Institute prepares students to become influential leaders, trailblazers, and catalysts for the Kingdom of God. We are committed to producing graduates who are equipped to bring about supernatural change, impact their spheres of influence, and be at the forefront of the greatest move of God in history.

What we
focus on

Kingdom Leadership

Equipping students to become effective leaders who operate in alignment with God's kingdom principles, values, and purposes.

Activate the Supernatural

Empowering students to engage with the power of the Holy Spirit, operate in spiritual gifts, and experience supernatural manifestations, signs, and wonders.

Cultivate Kingdom Culture

Fostering an environment where love, honor, unity, authenticity, and servant leadership thrive, reflecting the character and values of God's kingdom.

It's all about your next level

At SLI, we prioritize your spiritual growth and provide opportunities for encountering the supernatural power of God. Through our comprehensive curriculum and expert faculty, we provide a transformative learning experience that equips you with the knowledge, skills, and spiritual depth necessary for your next level of growth. We believe that as you dive deeper into the Word of God, engage with practical ministry training, and activate the supernatural, you will be empowered to step into your calling with confidence and effectiveness.

Why should I enroll?

SLI welcomes individuals who are passionate about growing in their faith, stepping into leadership roles, and experiencing the supernatural power of God. Our programs are designed for:

  1. Christian Leaders: Those who desire to enhance their leadership skills, gain biblical knowledge, and develop a deeper understanding of how to lead effectively in ministry and various spheres of influence.
  2. Ministry Practitioners: Individuals already involved in ministry who seek to deepen their understanding of deliverance, spiritual warfare, and supernatural ministry to bring transformation and freedom to others.
  3. Believers Hungry for More: Anyone who has a hunger to encounter God in a deeper way, activate the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and cultivate a lifestyle marked by the supernatural, regardless of their current level of leadership involvement.
Whether you are a pastor, church leader, aspiring minister, or simply someone seeking personal growth and spiritual empowerment, SLI offers valuable resources, training, and mentorship to help you reach your next level in faith, leadership, and supernatural encounters.

SLI Programs

Supernatural Leadership
Institute Onine Curriculum

Self-Deliverance Training Program.

Your Journey to Sustainable Deliverance

Deliverance Ministry Training Program.

Walk in dimensions of authority and revelation

Leadership in Christian Ministry

The Masterplan for Mega Ministry and Global Impact

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2515 W. Jefferson Str.,
Grand Prairie TX 75051

214 620 9755 - [email protected]
www.sli.bibledavids.org, www.bibledavids.org

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