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Supernatural Leadership Institute is the breeding ground of Kingdom Giants who are equipped, positioned and empowered to lead in the seven mountains of influence.

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Your God

Enter the Realms of the Spirit

  • Encounter an atmosphere where the supernatural power of God is activated, enabling you to operate in miracles, signs, and wonders.

  • Receive personalized mentorship from experienced instructors, guiding you to discover your unique calling, navigate your destiny, and cultivate a lifestyle of impactful leadership.

Vision & Mission


At the Supernatural Leadership Institute (SLI), our vision is to raise and release Kingdom giants who will ignite a global transformation through their supernatural leadership, unwavering faith, and profound impact on society.


Comprehensive education, practical training, and a focus on spiritual growth. Empower students to impact the world for Christ and propagate the Gospel with authenticity and power by integrating biblical teachings, leadership principles, and supernatural activation.

Our Core Values

  • Propagate the Gospel

    At SLI, we passionately value the multicultural propagation of the Gospel, recognizing the urgency of saving souls. Empowering students to boldly share Jesus' message, we impact lives, transform communities, and fulfill the urgent call to share the life-changing power of the Gospel.

  • Activate the Supernatural

    We emphasize the importance of engaging with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, empowering students to walk in supernatural manifestations, signs, and wonders. Through teaching, impartation, and practical activation exercises, we equip individuals to operate in the gifts of the Spirit, pray for healing, prophesy, and experience supernatural encounters.

  • Cultivate Kingdom Culture

    We prioritize creating an environment where love, honor, unity, authenticity, and servant leadership thrive. Through teachings, modeling, and intentional community, we equip students to live out the values and principles of God's kingdom. By fostering a culture of worship, prayer, and intimacy with God, we cultivate an atmosphere that reflects His character and transforms lives.

  • Navigate to Destiny

    We believe that each individual has a unique purpose and calling ordained by God. Through mentorship, personal development, and guidance, we empower students to discover and navigate their God-given destinies. By seeking God's direction and aligning their lives with His heavenly kingdom, students are equipped to walk in their full potential, fulfill their purpose, and make a significant impact in their spheres of influence.

activate the

At the Supernatural Leadership Institute, we believe in cultivating a generation of Kingdom giants who are prepared to make an extraordinary impact in the world. As part of the PACN Vision of the Supernatural Nation, under the leadership of Apostle Bible Davids, the SLI is dedicated to equipping, positioning, and empowering individuals to walk in the realms of miracles, signs, and wonders.

Our mission is aligned with the vision of propagating the Gospel, activating the supernatural, cultivating the culture of the Kingdom, and navigating destiny in God's heavenly kingdom. We understand the significance of being at the cutting edge of the greatest move of God the world has ever seen, and we strive to train our students accordingly.

Satisfied Students


"Attending SLI was a transformative experience. The supernatural activation and practical training equipped me to confidently walk in miracles and impact lives with the Gospel. The mentorship received helped me navigate my destiny, leading to remarkable Kingdom influence in my ministry."
Nini Amerlise
Nini Amerlise
Founder, WeAreRoyals Inc.

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