Self Deliverance Program

Self Deliverance Program

Experience a transformative path of self-deliverance, enabling them to break free from bondages, patterns of negativity, and spiritual oppression that hinder personal growth and fulfillment.

Self Deliverance Program

Self Deliverance Program

From the Pioneers of Mass
Deliverance Movement:

America's Largest Deliverance Conference

Apostle Bible Davids

Apostle Bible Davids

Proactive Thinker, Catalyst of Change, Author, Televangelist, Healing Minister, Technopreneur, Lover of God, Apostolic Overseer of Supernatural Nation & Bible Davids Ministries

Rebecca Bible-Davids

Prophetess Rebecca Bible-Davids

Prophetess Rebecca is a Prophetic Intercessor, Prayerholic, Best Selling Author, Executive Pastor at Supernatural Nation Global, Wife, Mother and God Chaser.

Activate God's Fire

Activate God's Fire

Activate the Fire of God's fire by the force of the Spirit and prophetic intercession. This program will be used by God to pull you to a new level of dominion anointing

Unravel Kingdom Mystery

Unravel Kingdom Mystery

We are not ignorant of the devices and schemes of the enemy. The Set Free Deliverance Program will empower you with cutting edge revelation on how demons operate and how to counter it

Deliverance and Dominion

Deliverance & Dominion

Learn God's blueprint for deliverance according to the pattern established in the ministry of Jesus Christ and move forward from deliverance to dominion

Legislate Kingdom

Legislate Kingdom Authority

Exousia - the authority of the believer over demonic spirits is a huge part of your deliverance. This course will arm you with deep revelation about that authority

Self Deliverance Program

Become a Sharp Shooter

The Set Free Deliverance Program is designed to sharpen the senses of your spirit in discernment and prophetic warfare for victory over the battles of life.

Self Deliverance Program

Impartation for Next Level

The course is laden with bonus practical prayers for deliverance by Apostle Bible Davids and Prophetess Rebecca. We do not just show you what to do, we do it with you

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Unravel the Mystery of Demonic Substratum

Dive deep into God's revelation abd strategies of the spirit to unpack the enigmatic realm of the demonic substratum. Set Free unveils deep secrets, empowering you to understand, confront, demonic mysterious influence and gain victory in Christ

The Intricacies of Spiritual Warfare

Navigate the intricate landscape of spiritual warfare with a very holistic approach with Set Free. Gain insights into the invisible battles, equip yourself with powerful strategies and emerge victorious in the realm of the supernatural.

Enter new dimensions of the arsenal of God and develop your capacity to engage your victory.

Rule of Engagement

Master the rule of engagement for spiritual warfare and deliverance. In this course, we will unpack the protocol of the spirit and God's battleplan. Here, you will be armed with truth to discern some of the common gateways that open doors to demons to operate in people's lives and how to shut them down .

You will learn the vocabulary of the spirit and use the right command to cast demons out.

Victory Lifestyle

Deliverance is not just an event. It takes fire to cast demons out and it takes fire to keep demons out. Demons are very obsessive by nature and just like in the words of Christ, they always come back to check if the house where they occupied before was swept clean and still empty.

To keep demons out permanently, it is important to understand the victory lifestyle and walk in this realm.

Steps for Retaining Deliverance

When your spirit-man shift from the realm of bondage into the liberty of the Son of God through the ministry of deliverance, it will also shift your mind and affect your relationships. As the demons leave, old habits have to leave. Those things that trigger demonic attachments must be consciously cut off. This course will navigate you beyond deliverance into dominion and from dominion to destiny.

Masterplan to Legislate Deliverance

The rare combination of cutting-edge principles and passionate, powerful prophetic prayers creates a kingdom formula for victory over any kind of demonic onslaughts. Thousands pf believers are experiencing deliverance and taking their lives back from demonic afflictions by using the Masterplan to legislate deliverance.

Deliverance is the
children's bread!

There are many privileges of the redemption of Christ in a believer's life. Some of them are, forgiveness of sin, empowerment by the Holy Spirit, healing of the body, breaking generational curses, casting out of demons and victory over poverty and lack. Each of these redemption rights must be individually accessed by the believer. If you received salvation, but lac the revelation and activation of healing, you can be saved and still remain sick.

Deliverance is a distinct benefit of redemption which must be consciously understood and activated


Kenneth Jackson

I've been truly activated in my spirit man. God has given me victory and breakthrough. My faith level has grown beyond human imagination and the word of God has been activated deep in me my Spirit with a hunger for more I'm thankful for the Apostle Bible Davids

Scots Foster Harris

A researcher and BSU faculty member since 2010, Dr. Laghari will be joining the summit to speak about new horizons for education.

Debra Liva

It gave me my purpose backand broke open barriers which had hindered me for years. The Lord has used this ministry to stretch, strengthen and encourage me into a deeper walk in my faith.

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Self Deliverance Program

Self Deliverance Program


Experience profound transformation through the Set Free Deliverance Session with Apostle Bible Davids. Receive personalized guidance, powerful impartations and prophetic unction for total victory over demonic activities in your life.

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